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Captain John Kasami Accused Of Recruiting Youths into Homosexuality and Pornography

Captain john Kasami accused of recruiting youths into homosexuality and pornography

Retired pilot, Captain John Kasami has been accused of recruiting the youths and grown ups into homosexuality and acting pornography. This is not the first time that these allegations are making rounds. They just resurface and have been ongoing for quite a couple of years.

Captain Kasami who lives in Entebbe is said to own a plush residence in Lake Nalubaale (Victoria) on the Island of Bulago. Transportation to this residence is done by his boats and not everyone can access this place without an official invitation.

According to the information accessed by this website, Capt. Kasami invites youths, especially university students. These are advised to come in pairs especially if the same gender. When they reach here, they are given a place where to stay, and their drinks are drugged.

After passing out, they are made to engage in illegal sexual activities that include homosexualism and pornography. This is done whilst being recorded. After this, they are then paid handsomely and led away to where they came from.

Additionally, it’s said that Capt. Kasami doesn’t have LGBTQ funders as is the most case with most homosexual enablers. The former pilot is said to have funded these unimaginable acts from his own pockets.

Besides, he’s got the police and other legal authorities in his pockets. These can’t do anything about him despite the numerous accusations that have been labeled against him according to famous journalist Dean Lubowa.

It should be recalled that the money bags owned a famous band known as Fusion Band. This used to perform at Water Front Beach over a decade ago. It consisted musicians such as Iryn Namubiru, Diana Nalubega, Maureen Kabasita among others.

It however disintegrated with rumors suggesting that the women were fighting for him. And he has chewed almost all of them. About 3 years ago, Maureen Kabasita was in the news accusing Captain Kasami of impregnating and abandoning her.

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He refused to provide child support and even threatened her. At one time he even sent goons who broke into her house and took everything he had bought her. Somehow somewhere she kept quiet and vanished from the media.