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UBOS Provides Results of the Recently Concluded 2024 Census

UBOS release population Census 2024 results

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), 99 percent of the population had been counted by the end of the census 2024 enumeration on Sunday, May 26.

At a press conference held at the Statistics House, UBOS Executive Director Chris Mukiza stated that the remaining 1% went to people at gates that were inaccessible or it was the people that couldn’t be accessed by all means.

“The remaining one percent is attributed to the residents in gates that were not accessible, working single Household members such as workers in factories and mines, as well as those who refused to be enumerated,” Mukiza said.

“Raw data shows a significant increase in the number of households with smaller household size compared to Census 2014,” he added. Mukiza further stated that even while it moves forward with data processing, editing, and analysis, the Bureau is still dedicated to the census 2024 roadmap.

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Furthermore, he added that on June 24, 2024, the preliminary results will be released, and on September 24, 2024, the provisional results.

“The final report will be published on December 24,” Mukiza told journalists. He continued by expressing his appreciation to all public servants, enumerators, and supervisors for a job well done on the census campaign.

“To the Enumerators and their Supervisors, we shall forever be grateful for your commitment and determination towards completing the assigned Enumeration Areas within allocated time,” added Mukiza.

Despite these results and information, there are several Ugandans who claim that the exercise was shoddy. They argue that despite availing themselves to be counted, they never saw the enumerators anywhere.