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Police in Kagadi Arrests Woman who Dumped her Baby in a Pond

Woman arrested for dumping baby in a pond in kagadi

Police in Kagadi district are currently holding a 40 year old woman identified as Sylvia Katusabe. This is after she dumped her 4 month year old baby in a pond. Sadly the baby didn’t survive but authorities in the area rushed to the scene and pulled the baby’s body.

The LC1 chairperson of Rwesabaija village, Mr. Jackson Tugume, where the incident happened, this woman is believed to be mentally sick. He added that the information was relayed to them in the morning of Wednesday, 24th April at around 7am.

“When she woke up at night on Tuesday, she dumped the child in the pond and then went back to sleep,” said Tugume. Additionally, he said that the information was given to them by Katusabe’s relative who she lives with.

“The relative alerted us and we had to intervene. Unfortunately it was too late and the baby had already died by the time we got there.”

The LC III of the area, Kyakabadiima subcounty, Mr. Ngomeranze Augustine has also cautioned women to avoid consuming a lot of alcohol following the unfortunate incident.

“Its very bad for women and all people to drink excessive alcohol. She might have dumped the baby in the pond under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

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Well cases of women dumping their babies in places such as toilets is not a new thing. Many have been arrested over such scenarios. Luckily some babies are saved in time while at other times they aren’t saved.

Some of these women give vague reasons such as economic instability or being dumped by their baby daddies as the reason for dumping these innocent kids.