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Spice Diana Exposed for Inflating her Concert Numbers

Spice Diana

Songstress Spice Diana has been exposed for yet another lie. This is after the singer inflated her concert numbers. This conversation was brought up by Galaxy FM’S presenters who said that the Siri Regular singer claims to have filled up Freedom City.

This was for her concert in 2020. Whereas it’s true that she filled the venue to capacity, the numbers she put in her YouTube bio are outrageous. She claims that she holds the record attendance of people for a Ugandan concert as she filled up Freedom City with 200,000 people.

“Holds the record for the most attendance at a concert in Uganda with over 200,000 people filling up Freedom city,” part of the bio reads.

For context, England’s biggest stadium, Wembley has a capacity of 90,000 while the famous 02 Arena seats 20,000 people. In Uganda, Mandela National Stadium which is the biggest seats 45,202 people. Its therefore not clear how the Source Management singer managed to pull such a mammoth crowd.

Further sources reveal that her concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval which is bigger than Freedom City had about 18,000 people. It’s not clear whether this was a typing error while writing this bio or if it was intentional and meant to be ‘factual’.

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The biggest concerts in Uganda by local artists have been Azawi’s, Ray G’s, Sheebah Vs Cindy battle, Eddy Kenzo Festival among a couple of others. It should be noted that a few years ago while on a TV station, Spice Diana shockingly revealed how she got 32 points in her A Level exams, something that is impossible.

She nonetheless released a hit song in this error and even started 32 Records. Maybe she will rise above this error too.