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5 Miracles About the Pr. Bujingo Shooting That You Didn’t Know

Pr Bujingo shooting
Pr. Bujingo while at Mulago with the shirt he got the attack from

Well, it is now three days after the House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor, Pr. Bujingo failed assassination attempt. Although, one person died on his way to the hospital, but we thank God for the life of the man of God.

Now, after a critical analysis from the stories gathered from Pr. Bujingo’s Salt television and his own narration, these are the top 5 miracles that we witnessed from the shooting incident that you did not know. They have never happened anywhere else, let’s delve into them.

No Windscreen Breakage

Well, according to Pr. Bujingo and the report we got, it is being said that the deceased had 13 bullets in his body. And the assailant was shooting from the front, but according to the photo of Bujingo’s car that was pictured on the crime scene after the attack happened, the windscreen is seen to be intact with no scratches.

More so, on the crime scene there were no glasses on the ground according to some sources while others think that they were cleaned up before the morning came. Isn’t that a miracle?

Pr. Bujingo shooting scene
The reported crime scene where bullets were fired

No Blood Spill

Well, we have failed to get a photo around that shows where blood was spilt when the shooting happened. We can expect to find blood drops on the ground or even we would have seen blood on Pr. Bujingo’s shirt on the photo they took when he was in Mulago.

So, either Muhumuza Richard did not spill blood after having been shot 13 times, or we call it a miracle also. More about this, Bujingo says they shot him at the shoulder, but his shirt still never had blood. What a miracle!

Pr Bujingo shooting
Pr. Bujingo while at Mulago with the shirt he got the attack with

No Bullet Wounds on Bujingo

Yes, in his narration, he said that he got minor scratches, again, his friend Ssenkubuge did an interview and confirmed that Bujingo was shot at the shoulder and the arm got hit a bit, That is why we saw his right arm having a bandage.

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But we saw the photo of his while in the hospital, and the shirt he had on never had any torn place, nor did he show any wound. Isn’t it a miracle to be shot at twice and you don’t get wounds?

Instant Healing

While in the hospital, Pr. Bujingo had a big bandage wrapped around his arm, that was around midnight. But yester when he addressed the media at 4pm, the bandage was no longer there and his arm never had any wound now anything that showed that he was injured the last 15 hours.

We are not saying he forgot and removed the bandage, but we are saying that even after the bandage was removed, there was no visible wound on his right arm.

Pr. Bujingo
Pr. Bujingo yester addressing the media hours after his right arm was shot

If you did not believe in miracles, this is the time for you to, and we thank God Pr. Bujingo is safe and sound. RIP to Muhumuza Richard.

Praise God!