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Ugandan Pastors Demand Security Upgrade from the Government

Pastor Martin Ssempa demand securitoy from government after Pastor Bugingo assasination attempt

As Uganda is still in shock after celebrity pastor, Pastor Bugingo was involved in a failed assassination. More that are in fear are the Ugandan Pastors who now feel their lives are in danger thus demanding for the provision of an upgraded security from the government.

Ugandan Pastors led by Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church, say that their lives are in danger and ask President Museveni to order for their immediate security upgrade. He added that Pastor Bugingo assassination attempt shocked him.

Pastor Bugingo’s attempted elimination shocked me a lot. That very day, i decided to stay in a hotel in Kampala, i never wanted to travel. i said, this is a wave to kill pastors now. I was extremely concerned about my own safety.” he said.

It is possible that Bugingoi’s preaching may be annoying some people. I have also received death threats because of teaching against homosexuality. Bugingo is also one of those against homosexuality” Martin Ssempa added.

Other Ugandan pastors that had a word to say include Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ Church in Kampala. He wondered why Pastor Bugingo would have an SFC soldier who are normally a reserve for politicians not pastors.

What was he afraid of by having an SFC? he trusts God and he tells people to trust God but he trusts a gun and a bodyguard instead. I don’t have a lead car nor a bodyguard, i only trust God. Religious leaders should put away guns and trust God” Pastor Male stated.

The legendary pastor Male continued and said that, many clergymen are involved in sodomy, fraud and land grabbing, people have lost land to these pastors and they are hurt. So they hire people with guns to do the work after failing to get justice.

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It should be remembered that, Pastor Bugingo was attacked by unknown assailants along Namungona zone 2, Kasubi, Rubaga Division as he was heading home.

Unfortunately, his bodyguard Muhumuza Richard that belonged to the elite Special Forces Command was killed. Although this attack is still a matter of controversy among Ugandans, Pastor Bugingo maintains it that he was attacked and got slight bullet shots.

Should the government spend more money on beefing up Ugandan Pastors. security? Do you think all Ugandan Pastors are a target for assassination?

We pray for the quickest recovery of the man of God.