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Have you Seen the Trending Hot MUBS Video yet?

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MUBS VIDEO: If there is anything you can bet on in this country with your life, it’s that Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in Nakawa can never fail to release a blockbuster video each year that will have the entire internet going crazy.

And we are at that point of the year where the institution’s students come out to prove that they do not only get academic skills from there but also co-curricular activities. Word on the street is that another female student has decided to throw netizens into a hunt for her hot video.

The MUBS video is already in circulation and some people have already accessed it. However for those who haven’t watched it, they simply need a ‘GAMBA NOGU.’ Forget about the other videos you have seen from the campus.

This one is an all-time seller and if it was to be in the theaters, it would be one of the highest grossing videos ever in the history of these leakages. Those who have seen it testified that this babe passed at Ssenga Kulanama’s shrine and got endowed with all the spices.

This is because she had her man making the noises instead of her and promising to give her all the mailo land signed for in the 1900 Buganda Agreement. Others even said that it was wrong for John Speke to declare Lake Nalubaale the source of River Nile because surely it’s this babe.

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The video needs grandpa PARENTAL GUIDANCE because not even parents can contain it. And for the chics who do not know how to use their nyash, this is a must watch for them because she really outdid herself.

And we ask again, who has the video? or it is just wahala there is nothing like a video?