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President Museveni Tells the Youths at What Age They Should be Sexually Active

President Museveni asks the youths to get married at 23 years and enjoy sex until 90 years

Young people have been urged by President Museveni to postpone having sex until they are 22 or 23 years old. The President said this at the Inter-Religious Family Festival, which was taking place at Kampala’s Kololo Independence Ceremonial Grounds.

“I encourage young people to get married at 22, 23 there. Then you can get a family and plan. Then you can have sex a long time. Imagine starting at 23 years and you do it until over 90 years. It is a very long time to have it” President Museveni said.

While delivering his speech, Mr. Museveni said that the best time to establish a family is between the ages of 22 and 23. Additionally, he said that delaying having sex until this age could result in a healthier and more fulfilling sexual life that lasts till 90 years old.

“But for you to start having sex when you’re 14 and then you get HIV AIDs and you get sick or getting problems, you will be miserable all your life.” The Global Peace Foundation of Dr. Moon was congratulated by the President, who was accompanied by First Lady Janet Museveni, for bringing this occasion to Uganda.

“A family without wealth is like a ship without a compass,” President Museveni said, emphasizing the need of wealth generation for family prosperity. To strengthen the fabric of society, he urged Ugandans to adopt the virtues of a traditional African family, which include reverencing and obeying parents, generating wealth, fostering a fear of God, taking care of one another, bearing and raising children, and valuing education.

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This ceremony was organized by the Global Peace Foundation of Dr. Moon, with a theme of “Celebrating Family, Faith, and Freedom: One Family under God for Africa Renaissance.” Numerous religious leaders and dignitaries from the nation’s various religions attended the occasion.