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Man Hangs Himself After Leaving Jail Over Stealing a Banana

Man in Ntugamo commits suicide after stealing a banana

Shock has covered people and relatives of an unidentified man in Ntugamo who hanged himself due to reasons we are yet to confirm. Clad in his blue tshirt and a black pair of trousers, he was found under a tree in his compound with his tongue wiggling out.

This sad act happened in Rwentobo cell, Mirama Ward, Kafunjo, Mirama Town Council in Ntugamo district, Western part of Uganda. Neighbours assert that may be this was because of the guilt of stealing the banana that compelled him to hang himself.

It all started when the deceased was sent behind bars for stealing a bunch of banana where he defended himself that he was taking it to his children to eat it. But his pleas fell on hard rocks after the LC chairman gave him away to police to be investigated more.

After all was done, the man in Ntugamo was asked to settle matters out of jail. When he settled everything and agreed to pay the banana back, he went home and the rest was un aliving himself. We are told he left behind 5 children and one wife.

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Su!cide cases in Uganda are increasingly going out of hand as we get news of these cases everyday. Study shows that on average, 5 Ugandans die daily due to su!cide. And the major cause of this is said to be poverty and relationship affairs.