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Weasel Threatens to Expose Azawi About Masavu Song Ft. Radio

Weasel threatens to expose Azawi over Masavu song feat. Radio Mowzey

Ever since the Swangz Avenue singer Azawi outed her most loved song called Masavu featuring the late Radio Mowzey, controversy started. This prompted Azawi to come out and defend herself saying she made Radio sing using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Now Weasel has come in.

Azawi revealed this during a recent interview where she defended her art and song Masavu ft. Radio Mowzey. She said that people should know that the age of analog is gone so long. That now using AI one can do any collaboration song with anyone and that is what she did.

In an extended defense, Azawi said that she did not steal Radio’s song Masavu from the said book of written songs Radio left behind. This is how Weasel, the remaining half of the Goodlyf Duo come in to expose Azawi and he made three posts insinuating that the Swangz Avenue songstress stole the song.

“A page from the King’s book is missing and out there. Can we get the demo of that song or we just let it be?” Weasel made two posts at first saying that the same page that is missing is the one for Masavu song that Azawi did.

“The problem i don’t have WiFi but any time this will end from YouTube” he added. Meaning that he will place a copyright claim on the song of Azawi on YouTube so that it gets banned there.

Wea re yet to hear from Azawi about this, but her silence may be an indicator that her management is working behind closed doors to stop Weasel from embarrassing her. Because we all know Azawi writes songs for herself, now this saga may be a set back in her musical career.

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Azawi is not the only artiste that is on fire over song copyright, also rapper Gravity Omutujju is currently in hot soup after so far three songs have been claimed on YouTube and removed by YouTube.

These songs include Walumbe Zaaya that was claimed by the Late Paul Job Kafeero’s son, Doboozi Lya Mutuuze that was claimed by Bobi Wine over Carolina beats and the latest is Embuzi Zakutudde that was claimed by Ronald Alimpa.