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How Wembley Mo and Mike Frustrated Rango Tenge Tenge and Got Him Off TikTok

Rango Tenge Tenge parents take him from TikTok and his manager

Social Media sensation and the most trending kid on TikTok called Rango Tenge Tenge has seen his fame short-lived because of two people. These include dancer Wembley Mo and Mike who is is his manager and captures his videos and runs his TikTok account.

Recently, internet was filled with news that Range Tenge Tenge’s family was getting greedy and taking him from his social media handlers. But after digging deeper in this, we have unearthed the untold painful truth, and how his parents decided to take him away.

Tenge’s parents are poverty struck and stay in Makindye, Salaama road in a swampy area which is hard to reach with even motorcycles. His parents tried hard to meet Mike who is like his manager to humbly ask him to stop taking their under age boy into night clubs, bars and night shows.

This plea was following the fact that, however much Rango Tenge Tenge has a lot of endorsements from brands, shows and getting money using his fame, his parents have never seen any single money from his sweat and he looks so badly, staying in a very bad state.

Tenge Tenge himself, has never been given anything by his handlers and this left his parents and family so gob smacked. That is why a meeting was summoned to rectify this issue, because it was being seen like Tenge was better off without TikTok since he doesnt get anything from there.

Rango Tenge Tenge sound TikTok biography
Tenge performing his TikTok skits

Now, this is how Wembley Mo and Mike come in, it has been discovered that, Wembley Mo is the one who trains Tenge the dance moves he makes in his videos. And he is more than that, since he is the one that collects all the money the boy makes. And he keeps it to himself and Mike (the manager).

The meeting was held and Mike defiantly said that it is Wembley that is supposed to handle Tenge’s business not his parents. He added that, he can frustrate more business of Rango any time he wants since he is the one having the account on his phone.

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By the time the meeting was done, Range had gone back to his parents and Mike also went to his ways. Wembley Mo who is the major mastermind of all this, was nowhere to be seen since he is hiding from giving accountability and he has dark motives towards Rango Tenge Tenge since he operates incognito.

That is how the world lost a young entertainer who has been viral everywhere in the world, because two people feel they should be greedy and use the young boy without giving him any money.