Home Profiles Who is Rango Tenge Tenge and where does he originate? Biography here

Who is Rango Tenge Tenge and where does he originate? Biography here

Rango Tenge Tenge parents take him from TikTok and his manager

Rango Tenge Tenge is a young male that comes from Uganda who has bought his name from the viral Tenge Tenge sound on TikTok. He is not only famous on TikTok, but also in real life he is a hot cake that has sold in Uganda and beyond.

What is Rango Tenge Tenge age?

Well, the sensational young TikToker and influencer is aged 11 years and what made him pick a quick following and massive attention on TikTok is his nature of eyes and the comedy skits he plays while using his Tenge Tenge sound.

Rango attends school and he is very good at speaking English. In Uganda, good English comes from attending good schools, most of the time. However, many people speak English without going to school because it is the national language.

Rango Tenge Tenge sound TikTok biography
Rango Tenge Tenge

Rango Tenge Tenge’s fame has made him become one of the most sought for influencers in Uganda and beyond. For example, he has done many commercials for many products and upcoming concerts like that of Fik Fameica that is recently concluded and the brand ambassador of Kondeviller Tours and Travel.

Rango Tenge Tenge has parents and comes from a very humble family which stays in Makindye, Salaama road, and he is a ghetto born. His skits made him meet popular gamer and football fanatic IshowSpeed on a video call.

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He has a following that surpasses 1.9 million on TikTok and his account is growing on a very high speed. He has a following of 380,000 on Instagram. That is what social media can do, by putting talented people on the forefront as others get entertained.

Tenge Tenge’s net worth is not yet made public as he is still focusing on growing into a complete international brand. He has a management that is taking care of his earnings and he will become a household name in a few months to come.

Rango Tenge Tenge sound TikTok biography
Rango performing his TikTok skits