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NRM Treasurer Nekesa Barbara in Hot Soup, Tells Police 800m was Stolen from her House and Investigations show it was 3bn

Barbara Nekesa Oundo robbed 3 billion

Whoever said that this life no balance was right, as we have been informed about the drama that ensued after NRM Treasurer Barbara Nekesa was robbed. News getting to us indicates that armed robbers broke into her house and took the cash she had with her which amounted to 3bn but then takes a new shocking twist after investigations.

What makes this story very interesting is that, when they took the money, she came out and reported to Kabalagala Police and said that the robbers took 400 million Ugx from her. Then, in the twist of things, she changed and claimed that, it was 800 million shillings that was stolen.

That is not the story, now listen to this, after police started its investigation into the matter, it was found out that the actual amount of money was 3 billion shillings. At this point, everyone was confused on how a party official could keep 3 billion in hard cash in her house.

At this point, this landed in the ears of the NRM secretariate, which triggered the starting of investigations on how Barbara Nekesa acquired this much money, and why she was keeping it at her home.

Good enough, there was no one that was hurt in the night of the robbery, but Barbara Nekesa Oundo herself has proved that she there is something that is not right in her works. Anyways, sources still say that NRM as a party is not ready to let this slip off without her getting into books.

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Ugandans are still in shock on learning that this really happened that a Ugandan can be with such a huge amount of money in her house, and she doesn’t know how much it is. We are still following the story, and we are to keep you updated.

NRM’s Treasurer Barbara Nekesa is married and she has children.