Home Entertainment News Toka Kwa Bala Bala singer Adam Mulwana Tragically Dies

Toka Kwa Bala Bala singer Adam Mulwana Tragically Dies

Toka Kwa Bala Bala singer Adam Mulwana dies

Sad news coming in indicate that singer Adam Mulwana the Toka Kwa Bala Bala famed singer is dead. Apart from his singing talent and political vigor, he has been known to be one of those fearless men that spoke to the face of the ruling government and asked for change.

Toka Kwa Bala Bala song was a campaign song for Forum fir Democratic Change in the days when Dr. Kiiza Besigye was contesting as president for Uganda. It became an anthem in the whole country as it was used on a daily while campaigning.

The song also carried a huge meaning for the political followers as it asked for paving way for change and a new Uganda, as it ushered in Kiiza Besigye. Adam Mulwana bridged the gap between politics and music with his melodies, that is why he has died a very powerful man.

The cause of death of the Toka Kwa Bala Bala singer Adam Mulwana is not yet established, but close sources to his family indicate that he has been battling liver complications over time. This condition is alleged to have stemmed from a possible poisoning according to a source that preferred anonymity.

It is also known and noted that, before he died, Adam Mulwana was paid visits by many political figures at his Luwero home. This showed him that his political involvement and desire for change did not go unnoticed.

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Adam Mulwana is the second artiste to die in the month of February after Baby Deo died in the early days of this month. Baby Deo died in a car accident that happened in the morning hours as he was heading to his home.

Funeral service and burial arrangements will be communicated later on, he will be buried at his ancestral home in Luwero. As of now, the rest of the country and fans we are mourning the death of a huge figure in the political arena and the music industry.