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I Will Bewitch You, Everyone Will Learn From You – Senga Kulanama Tells Bajjo

Bajjo and Senga Kulanama

The ongoing cold war between traditional herbalist Senga Kulanama and Promoter Bajjo is intense. As you read this, we are waiting to see what will happen to Bajjo as Senga Kulanama has promised to bewitch him so that we all learn from him.

This whole feud started a few days when Bajjo appeared on television and belittled all traditional healers. He said that they are all frauds and that they don’t have any powers as they say. More to this, Bajjo added that whoever believes in these people is not normal, that they should turn to Christ their Savior.

This angered Senga Kulanama who is the self proclaimed president general of all traditional healers. She appeared on TikTok saying that Bajjo is a fraud who also uses traditional healers to make his shows he organizes successful.

She went ahead and pinned the promoter saying that at one time he visited her at her shrine and he wanted blessings for one of his shows. She moved on and exposed him to the last bit by saying that all his shows move on the powers of traditional healers’ juju.

In his reply, Bajjo badly hurled insults to Senga Kulanama calling her a fraud and he asked God to kill all his children and take his life is he has ever met the traditional healer Kulanama. Bajjo appealed to the public to get away from Senga saying that she doesnt have any powers of juju and that she is a liar.

In retaliation and bid to do damage control, Senga Kulanama appeared on TikTok and replied to Bajjo, saying that he will be an example for everyone to fear and respect the gods. She said that, she must bewitch Bajjo until non of his businesses can move forward.

I came knowing you would reply to my message, but i had a reason because am the president general of traditional healers and i was chosen to defend them. You talk too much i see you are involving my children in this yet i haven’t involved yours” Senga started her ordeal.

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Bajjo, we are in a battle you said i don’t have any juju on me, now people will understand from you that i am a witch. You can shout with words, as i act with juju, i will bewitch you until you become an example. Stop ill talking about us, leave our faith alone” She continued with her verbal attack.

We are currently waiting to see how things will unfold on promoter Bajjo’s side, and we are waiting to see how witchcraft works. Watch the space.