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Songstress Vinka Reveals who Owns Her Music Catalogue

Vinka reveals who owns her music catalogue

Songstress Veronica Lugya aka Vinka has opened up about her contract with her label, Swangz Avenue. The singer said that the Industrial Area-based record label owns all her entire music catalogue.

According to Vinka, if she decides to leave Swangz Avenue, she would leave with nothing. If she left in good terms with the company, then it would be easier to negotiate a price for which she can acquire the songs. However, if the terms she left the company by being bitter, then they might not even consider selling the music to her.

The Bailando hitmaker added that, Swangz apparently would be the one earning all the income via the digital platforms if she left. Vinka also said that that’s how the music industry works. A singer signed to a label does not own her masters.

“My songs are all owned by Swangz Avenue. If by any chance I decided to leave the label, I wouldn’t leave with even a verse. That’s the music industry works. An artist signed to a label doesn’t own their catalogue, it’s owned by the company. If I leave, in good terms let’s say at the end of my contract, we can negotiate and I buy the masters from them. However, if I leave on bad terms, then I might not even be in position to negotiate with them over anything,” Vinka said.

Additionally, Vinka said she would not even be allowed to perform these songs after leaving Swangz Avenue . She made the remarks in regards to Kataleya and Kandle who recently fell out with their management and quit the label.

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Therefore depending on the contract they signed the previously released songs might not belong to the duo. They might have to start from scratch. Together with Vinka, they recently released a song titled Tompa that is doing well on the chats