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A Pass Furious Over Viral Hozaambe and Enkudi Songs

A Pass furious about Enkudi and Hoozambe songs

Singer Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass is not a happy man with the recent evolutions in the music industry. The singer has now revealed how the music industry needs to be safeguarded from stupid music. This follows the success of songs such as Enkudi and Hozaambe.

It should be noted that the singer recently released a 42 song album titled Bagonza. Without a doubt, the album is a masterpiece and has some very nice songs such as True Story. However, this album has not received the appraisal it deserves.

In fact, the singer was at loggerheads with some people in the media such as Galaxy FM’s DJ Nimrod who ridiculed the album for having no hit song. Nimrod said that Lil Pazzo took just a week to release the Enkudi hit while the Mariana singer A Pass took ages and failed to produce a hit song.

Now according to A Pass, the standard in the music industry has really fallen. He pointed out how back in the day one needed to have quality songs to get airplay on radio and TV. However, currently, one just needs to go viral and then a hit song is created regardless of the content.

“We need a bit of gate keeping in the Ugandan music industry, too much stupid music out here. Anything funny and stupid is now a song. What is the standard? Back then you had to have something good to be on radio or TV but nowadays all you need is to be viral & boom,” said A Pass.

Without a doubt, questions have been raised in the recent past about the quality of songs that have taken over the airwaves in the country. Most of these are from TikTok artists. As long as people on the video-sharing platform jump onto the song, it will translate into a hit song in the mainstream media.

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D-Star of the Hozaambe song and Lil Pazzo of Enkudi are now the owners of the biggest songs in the country. Even Shifura who featured in Hozaambe has become an overnight celebrity featuring in some of the biggest media interviews.