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Andrew Lubega Appointed Communications Specialist at COSF Uganda

Andrew Lubega aka Andy Lander appointed Communications Specialist at COSF

City journalist and known LGBTQI+ activist, Andrew Lubega, also known as Andy Lander, has been appointed as the new Communications Specialist at COSF Uganda.

Lubega Andrew’s appointment comes in a time when he is well positioned to do the work as his passion has always been in being an activist and speaking for the voiceless. This appointment was announced by COSF through their social media pages

This is also a significant milestone in his career, putting his dedication to advocacy and his exceptional leadership skills within his community in consideration.

For over a long time, Andy Lander he has been a big voice in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights by using his platforms as a journalist to highlight issues affecting the marginalized groups.

While at COSF Uganda, Andrew Lubega will leverage his communication skills to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals, promote inclusive policies, and foster a supportive environment for all.

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What does COSF do in Uganda?

Children of the Sun Foundation (COSF) Uganda operates as a clinic and shelter in Uganda. It serves people of all sexu@l orientations and gender identities without discrimination. More importantly, it is prominent LGBTQI+ organization.