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Is it the Real Milkbae in the Trending Video? Truth Here

Milkybae viral trending video

TikToker Milkbae who goes by the username Nalunga65 on TikTok is the name on everyone’s lips right now and she’s also trending on different social media platforms. This is after word spread out like wildfire that her noodles are out.

Indeed we took effort to hunt for them and have a view of her sumptuous physical features. The alleged Milkbae in this video can be seen massaging her valley between her two hills. Without a doubt, she looks like the enticing forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden which Adam was barred from eating but eventually took a bite and the rest is history.

Several netizens have come out to applaud the weight of her Word which they described as heavy. However, others weren’t impressed with some pointing out that it seems she imported her parts from Kalahari Desert since there was hardly any oasis in it despite the teasing.

Meanwhile we tried to ascertain the authenticity of this video and see if it’s indeed Milkybae. However, from the features we saw, it doesn’t appear to be the TikToker. They however undoubtedly look alike. It’s no wonder that most people have concluded it’s her.

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Besides, it’s not clear how this video that is spreading like wildfire ended up in the public domain. Socialite Bad Black has even advised Milkybae to start selling her River Rwizi since she’s still fresh according to Queen Masolo.