Home Entertainment News Precious Remmie in Critical Condition Following Eclampsia Condition

Precious Remmie in Critical Condition Following Eclampsia Condition

Precious Remmie aka Ray P in critical condition after getting Eclampsia condition and her baby was removed

Sanyuka TV presenter Precious Remmie alias Ray P is currently in a critical condition that has resulted from her pregnancy. According to a source privy to the matter, the TV presenter is currently at the mercy of God and the medical personnel.

It’s further reported that the former Sanyuka TV presenter suffered from a condition known as eclampsia. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “Eclampsia is seizures that occur in pregnant people with preeclampsia.

Symptoms of eclampsia are high blood pressure, headaches, blurry vision and convulsions. Eclampsia is a rare but serious condition that occurs in the second half of pregnancy.”

This condition usually occurs after 20n weeks of gestation with most cases occurring after 28 weeks. Besides, this situation can follow a condition of high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine during pregnancy (preeclampsia).

Some of the symptoms that signal an increasing risk of eclampsia include upper-right abdominal pain, severe headache and vision and mental status changes.

The source that confided to this website said that Ray P underwent a C Section and the baby was removed prematurely. However, both are not yet in perfect health condition and need just prayers as the baby is said to be in ICU and Ray in critical condition.

If all goes well for the TV presenter, this will be her second child. However, it will be her first with her husband, Raymond Bindeeba who resides in the US. Ray P a few months ago did a pregnancy photo shoot that rubbed some people wrong on social media.

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Some harsh words were even thrown at her with some people saying that she was bragging before the baby was even born. They advised other to always keep their pregnancies off social media because not everyone wishes them well.

However, we hope that she recovers well and both she and her baby get into a perfect health state soon. And we shall keep you updated about this news.