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Full List of Top, Most Trending and Best TikTokers in Uganda 2024

list of Top, most trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024

Ever since TikTok stepped in Africa, many people’s lives and businesses changed completely. But in Uganda, it took a complete twist and many TikTokers became famous and started earning from endorsements here and there, as they keep changing from best to worst and vice versa. Let is delve in the list of top, most trending and best TikTokers in Uganda 2024.

Teeth Show (nastywonders2)

He started his Tiktok account no so long ago, but he is among the top, most trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024. His content is about educating people on how to live positively, explaining conspiracy stories and making people believe in themselves.

He recently started series explaining about frequencies and vibrations which have opened people’s eyes on how to know what they want to get cure for many diseases using the Earth than medicines in the hospitals.

His Tiktok account is nastywonders2 and it has more than 160k followers in short time he created it in. He is a one to look at as he teaches the World.

Counsel Trevor (counsel.trevor)

His real name is Trevor and he bought himself a huge following through his past school times experiences. In his comment sections you will find people reckoning on the exact experiences he talks about.

He does clean and pure content that keep his followers entertained all the time by bringing those old memories. Counsel Trevor’s TikTok account is counsel.trevor and it has more than 260k followers. He is another one in the top trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024.

Usher Shots (ushershoots1)

Usher has been here for some time but still, he has held the grip on the top trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024. He also does clean comic content where he entertains his followers with replying to other people’s videos.

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He normally ‘talks’ to Kasuku and Tamale Mirundi in comic conversations that makes people feel like they were having a one on one situation yet it is just edited videos to create imaginary scenes.

His Tiktok account is called ushershoots1 and he has more than 470k followers on TikTok and he is among the best and most trending Tiktokers.

Rango Tenge Tenge (rangotengetenge)

Apart from his management having issues with his parents, Rango Tenge Tenge is currently the most trending and best TikToker the app has. He is not only in Uganda but beyond.

With his signature tune of tenge tengelele tenge tenge he has amassed a huge following that is more than 6.2m and his skits contain his signature opening of his huge eyes and doing the tenge dances with more than 84 million likes.

Opio Dior (daiconicmulo1)

Opio does strictly school times content, this is different from Counsel Trevor’s content because Trevor does past school experiences yet Opio does current school situations. He is followed by over 230k and his content gets a very high engagement rate.

He is also one of the top trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024 and he is still pushing on.

Tinah K Ug (tinahkug1)

Tinah has been a darling for so long, actually she has helped a lot of people overcome their fears, relationship glitches and more. The reason she appears on the list of top trending and best Tiktokers in Uganda 2024 is that, she has stood a test of time and she has maintained consistency.

Tinah K Ug is followed by over 470k people and her account grow by day as her content touches hearts especially broke ones and teaching people how to live positive lives in and outside relationships.

Her account on Tiktok is called tinahkug1 although she has some other accounts, but this is the main one which helps uplift broken souls.

Louis Kerod (louis_kerod)

Louis started his skits jokingly as he emulates Luganda teachers how they behave in class and school at large. She dons her signature gomesi and sits in a virtual class and starts behaving exactly like how Luganda Teachers do in class.

His entertainment has caught a lot of Ugandans’ attentions as they keep remembering how their teachers used to behave exactly like he does. His Tiktok account has grown tremendously and it is called louis_kerod with over 120k followers and still growing.

That is the list we have managed to make for you, you should know that, we made it according to how Tiktok users voted in a poll we ran on our Tiktok account. We more so considered the rate at which each one’s content changes people’s lives, moods and the quality of skits they put up.

Of course we understand there are many talented Tiktokers in Uganda and them not appearing on this list doesnt mean that they are not good enough.