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Labour Export Companies Bosses Exposed for Sexual Harassment

Labour Export companies bosses in Uganda exposed for sexual harassment in the ongoing labour export exhibition on Twitter

Labour export in Uganda is a new trend, in that whoever feels Uganda is failing them, they decide to go for greener pastures outside the country. This has seen many Ugandans leave for countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and in Europe. But labour export companies bosses are something that is being exposed on sexual harassment grounds.

This expose has come to happen as a result of the ongoing Labour Export Exhibition Uganda campaign being carried out on X, formerly Twitter. This exhibition is led by the famous cartoonist Dr. Spire Ssentongo who has carried out more exhibitions that have yielded a lot of fruits, like that of exposing the poor state of Kampala road and Uganda police.

Sexual harassment issue is a very serious one as we have been seeing many girls go to work abroad and they get deported a few weeks after getting there. Reason being, they are found pregnant when they are taken for medical tests that allow them to get work permits and residence permits.

Now, those victims have come out to stress this issue, saying that those bosses of labour export companies are the ones that cause them all these problems. Because, when they take the girls through the mandatory pre medical tests and they find out that they are safe from deadly diseases, they seduce them and blackmail them for sex before they leave the country.

The sex is said to be unprotected which exposes these vulnerable girls to getting pregnant without their knowledge. They proceed and fly for work to later find out when they have reached their working stations abroad. And hell breaks loose when they are in a foreign country, without any money on them since they spend it all in paying these recruitment companies to go and work.

We have quoted one concerned citizen who took this expose far to show how these labour export companies bosses set the unsuspecting girls into the deadly traps. This anonymous follower of Dr. Spire asked that these people be exposed and if possible, readers should come out to name and shame them.

Labour export companies bosses
Girls ready to set off for external labour

Why recruitment bosses sleep with girls? When you go to a recruitment company, one of the requirements is to carry out what we call a pre-medical tests to see whether this person is fit health wise, now these bosses after getting to know that one is fit, that’s when these bosses start to seduce these girls for sex and the reality is, they do not use protection” this user started their revelation.

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And to prove this some girls reach abroad when they are pregnant and they are sent back only to find it out that is a company boss who slept with the girl. All these cases are silenced because our girls are too desperate. This is too common with girls sent to Dubai” the expose ended.

The Labour Export Exhibition is still ongoing on X, and we shall keep bringing you these stories as they unfold. Keep it Zivuga Uganda, we are getting you informed.