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Pastor Sarah Morgan: Biography, Net Worth, Education, Family

Pastor Sarah Morgan

Pastor Sarah Morgan is a Ugandan based in the US and she has been there for more than 35 years. We bring you her full and updated profile/biography, net worth, family, children, education and all you need to know about her.


Pastor Sarah Morgan is a Ugandan born and she was born over 60 years ago. She was married to her ex-husband called Isubikalu Ngoobi and the two have 8 children. She later on relocated to the US in 1989 where she got married to another man called Bishop Peter Morgan and the two are still together.


Pastor Sarah Morgan attended school from primary to university, and she completed her studies in Theology and she is a bible school graduate. More of her education background is not yet made public.


Pastor Sarah Morgan is married. She sired two children (Douglas and David ) in Uganda with Mr. Ngoobi and she has two children with her current husband Bishop Peter Morgan. It is said that, when she left Uganda in 1989, she completely forgot about her ex family and withdrew all her 2 children and left them at the mercy of God.

Not until one of her sons called Douglas Isubikalu Ngoobi aka Daggy Nyc who works with NTV Uganda looked for her in the US California. Daggy says it was a hustle to get to her as she kept her ex family a top secret to herself. She never told her current husband until when Daggy Nyc called him and informed him when he was in California.

It is being informed that, Darah Morgan tried to bribe him not to go public about this secret of her 2 children that she left behind, but he turned the offer down. This did not go well with her and more efforts to reach him for advanced offers were futile.

More about this, it is detailed that, Sarah Morgan’ ex-husband Mr. Ngoobi Isubikalu was also not okay with the fact that Sarah never talked about her children, even when she came to Uganda, she went back without looking for them.

pastor sarah morgan
Pastor Sarah Morgan

Pastoral Career

Pastor Sarah Morgan has been in full time ministry since 1990 and she is the Vice President of Vision International Ministries, a non-denominational effective Teaching, Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance ministry, which was founded by her husband Bishop Peter Morgan.

More so, Sarah’s ministry is sought after and has taken her to South, East and West Africa, London and across the United States. She is a very prolific pastor that has won hearts of those she has got time to interact with.

Pastor Morgan is the author of several best sellers including: “The PRAYER FACTOR”, “Confessing the Proverbs”, “Declaring the Psalms”, “Intercession by Pattern”, “You Shall Decree a Thing”, “Prayer Is the Master-Key”, “The Seed of the Woman”, and “Sing O’Barren” and has an extensive CD/DVD library to enhance ministry.

She is also President of Beauty for Ashes, a dynamic, life transforming ministry for hurting, suffering and abused women worldwide.

Net Worth

Pastor Sarah Morgan, net worth is currently estimated to be around $15m – $25m putting all her works together and investments apart from the church she pastors which also belongs to her.

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Sarah Morgan has been honored with the “Women Who Live Out Lord” award, an achievement that recognizes your contributions to the community, influence in leadership, and examples of accomplishments and sacrifice for family and friends.

More so, Pastor has also received a letter of commendation from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as well as certificates of recognition from Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the County of Los Angeles.