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One Dies as Fatal Cholera Outbreak Hits Kyotera District

Cholera outbreak in Kyotera district in Uganda 2024

An alarming cholera outbreak has hit Kyotera district, and Kasensero landing site is being the most affected. The landing site which is densely populated has had health officials in the district worried. Already, the disease has claimed one life while 4 individuals are currently in hospital.

It should be noted that, cholera is a cute intestinal infection triggered by consuming contaminated food and water. Some of its symptoms include diarrhea, profound dehydration, and even death.

Efforts to combat the situation are currently underway according to Joseph Girimani, the Kyotera District surveillance focal person,

He said that “I was informed over the weekend from our facility at Kasensero that approximately five individuals suspected of cholera infection had been admitted, with one fatality reported from a private clinic in the vicinity.”

Additionally, Girimani said that, “We have already mobilized Village Health Team members to intensify door-to-door campaigns, encouraging early medical intervention.”

The Kyotera District chairperson, Patrick Kintu Kisekuulo blamed this situation on poor hygiene which has resulted of over population at the landing site.

“Our district’s resources are limited, and we urge the central government to promptly provide clean and safe drinking water for residents,” Kisekuulo emphasized.

Lack of quick arrest of cholera can lead to a 50 percent mortality rate while quick treatment limits the mortality rate to just 1 percent according to health experts. Apparently Kasensero has a population of about 15,000 people.

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The area is densely populated and as a result there is poor hygiene which greatly contributes to outbreak of such diseases. Kasensero has in the past been affected by the outbreak of other diseases such as Marburg.

There is also fear that the cholera outbreak might spread to neighboring Tanzania since the landing site is a trading hub for both countries.