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Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara: Biography, Education, Net Worth, Political Career

Mwine Bakamuhara Innocent

Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara is a Uganda politician that has played a vital role in the political growth of Uganda, especially Ibanda area in Western Uganda. Here is his full biography, education background, net worth, political career, philanthropy, family and all you need to know about him.


Mwine Innocent was born on 17th July 1980 in Rwensinga village, Ibanda district, Uganda. He has one parent, Mrs. Assumpta Kasande and his father Mr. Bakamuhara Richard passed on years ago. Mwine is one of the main political figures in Ibanda Municipality.

Education Background

Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara attended his education through all stages in the education set up of Uganda, from Primary to University. This is how he studied up to the Masters level.

He went to Bubaare Primary School for his Primary education (PLE), and proceeded to Kitabi Seminary for his Ordinary Level (UCE). After there, he moved on to St Joseph’s Vocational School in Mbarara district for his Advanced Level Education (UACE).

Furthermore, he went to Makerere University and studied Bachelor of Economics, and then an Msc. Banking and Investment, Makerere University still.


Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara was the Secretary General of Ibanda-Makerere University Students Association. And he was a Trustee at Centenary Bank staff defined contribution scheme that is worth more than 43 billion shillings.

Furthermore, he was a Vice President of East African University Students, President of Economics University Students of Uganda and President Economics Students Association Makerere University.

He also led students at St. Joseph’s Vocational School as the Resident Minister, Canteen Manager at Kitabi Seminary, and Head Boy at Bubaare Primary School.


He stood in for the Member of Parliament Ibanda Municipality in 2021 general elections, ever since then, even if he did not go through, his impact is still felt by now. He did not stop serving people since that day, as he is still pushing for more projects as we are going to see below.

Serving Ibanda

He is currently on the number one spot for individuals that have led to development through lobbying and the use of contacts to bring a difference in Ibanda Municipality. The things he has done so far without being in power, are way too much than those of the sitting Member of Parliament.

He led in the construction of the Nyamirima ward bridge that connects Nyamirima lower and Ndoragi villages. He also spearheaded in the construction of 37 boreholes across Ibanda, including North, South and the Municipality.

Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara led the demand for the bringing back of the Saza Forest from land grabbers that included top political veterans of Ibanda. He won the case in court last year after a time of stalling.

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Furthermore, Mwine led to the return of 7 acres of land at Nyinendugu where the Ibanda Municipality dumps garbage. This was also in a stiff conflict that almost claimed people’s lives.

To add on that, he was also part of the team that demanded for the upgrading of Nsasi Health Centre from HC II to HC III. And he moved on to lobby for ongoing electricity project in greater Nsasi, Nyamirima, Kayenje, Katongore, Kigarama, Kabare, Kanyansheko wards.


Mwine Innocent Bakamuhara is married and his wife is called Maj. Beatrice Niwagaba. The two have been together for some time and they are a model family in the Municipality.

Net Worth

Mwine has not yet released his official net worth, but we shall update it here when he does so.

Mwine Bakamuhara Innocent
Mwine Bakamuhara Innocent