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Karyegira Louis: Biography, Education, Political Career, Family, Net Worth

Karyegira Louis

Karyegira Louis is a Ugandan who has been active in politics for more than 10 years now. He is aspiring for Mayor seat Ibanda Municipality come 2026. Here is his full biography, net worth, education, family, political career, manifesto and more you can know about him.


Karyegira Louis was born on 04/12/1986 in Mabona parish, Rukiri subcounty, Ibanda. And he has been a resident of Kyarukobwa cell, Kyaruhanga Ward, Kagongo Division in Ibanda Municipality for 15 years and counting.

He has both parents and his father is called Mr. Karyegira Remegio and his mother is Mrs. Theophila Kemigyende Karyegira. They stay in Mabona where Louis grew up from. He became famous for his football skills and he led his village team and other teams he played for to various wins.

Education Background

Karyegira Louis went to school up to Bachelors level, and he went to Mwamba Junior Primary School for his PLE in 1999. He later joined Ibanda Secondary School where he completed his Ordinary Level in 2003 for his UCE.

He further went to St. Charles Lwanga Kasasa in Masaka for his Advanced Level where he completed in 2005 with a UACE certificate. Then, he joined Kyambogo University where he attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior & Landscape Designing.

He has further pursued certificates in Political Science and Human Resource Management in different institutions.

Career and Business

Currently, Karyegira Louis is the Managing Director at Blue Waves Interior & Landscape Designers Construction Company that is based in Ibanda town opposite URA offices. They do landscape design for homes, hotels and other places. And metal fabrication activities too.

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Political Career

He has been active politically more than 10 years ago and he has contested at some positions starting from his area of birth. He has been a leader especially in the sports arena and he has always shown existence and consistence.

Currently, he is the aspiring Mayor for Ibanda Municipality 2026-2031 under the slogan (Worker’s Foreman) and he has already started his drive to get the seat. He says that Ibanda Municipality people are facing a lot which a Mayor can solve but unfortunately, nothing has been done for them.

Find his summarized manifesto here by clicking in this link >> KARYEGIRA LOUIS IBANDA MUNICIPALITY manifeso


He is a married man, and his wife is called Naturinda Sylvia Karyegira and they have three children. This puts him up as a model leader and an example, as he portrays to be the real Worker’s Foreman.

Net Worth

He has not yet released his net worth as of now.