Home Profiles Maulana Kasozi: Biography, Education, Family, Net Worth, Comedy

Maulana Kasozi: Biography, Education, Family, Net Worth, Comedy

Maulana Kasozi and Reign biography

Maulana Kasozi is the half of the Maulana and Reign comedy duo that is currently the best in Uganda. He is a male Ugandan that has been on and off family controversy and here is his full biography, education background, net worth, and all you need to know about him.


Maulana was born in 1990 and he is currently 34 years old. He was born in Wakiso, Uganda and he stayed with his mother for most of his time while growing up. He is a Muganda and known comedian in Uganda.


Maulana Kasozi attained his education from Primary to High school and he had it from Wakiso district. His education got a lot of hiccups and he decided to partner with his childhood friend Reign Omusoyisoyi in 2015 and start a comedy duo.

Comedy Career

He started his comedy career from childhood where he could make his family members and those he interacted with, laugh out hard. He then started professional comedy in 2014 as a solo artiste, until 2015 when he met with Reign and decided to make the Maulana and Reign comedy duo which is currently the best comedy duo in Uganda.

He has performed on numerous stages in Uganda and outside, and his major stages include that of Enkuuka Yomwaaka where he makes the Kabaka laugh, and UK Convention. The comedy duo has also bought their name in the famous weekly Comedy Store, where they are regular acts.

Apart from comedy, the duo sings also, and they are known for various hit songs like Long Time, Ready, Ndayila and many others.


Maulana Kasozi got married to his wife Nalujja Shubira in a traditional kwanjula that happened in August 2020 and it is when the Muslim kuwoowa also happened from.  The two have three children and the comedian has a second wife too since he is a Muslim.


Maulana has been indulged in various controversies in politics and family. Politically, he is remembered for being party of the People Power movement that was started by Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. He then followed him to National Unity Platform and he has been witch hunted for openly declaring his political side.

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About family, Kasozi has been on and off police with his wife Nalujja Shubira about issues of child neglect. The recent being when Magistrate Amos Byamukama sent him to Luzira prison for 6 months until he pays Ugx10 million for the annual child support.

Before that, he had posted on social media how his wife is toxic by attempting to poison him twice and she failed. After failing, she decided to poison herself and she was rushed to the hospital and survived death.

Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth $30,000 to $50,000 putting his performance charges in consideration and his side business of real estate.