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Kid Burns Self After Failing to Get 4 Aggregates in PLE 2023

Child Kid burns himself after failing to get aggregate 4 in PLE 2023

It is on a very sad note that we get news informing us that, a kid aged 16 to 17 years has set himself ablaze and burns himself. This happened after he failed to perform to his expectations in PLE 2023, and he failed to get the expected aggregates 4.

Further details have been given by a certain lady who confirmed that the kid is his nephew. At first, people thought this incident was just a social media buzz, when this lady came and said it is true, the kid rolled himself in the blanked and set fire on himself.

Guys that is not just social Media buzz, that is my brother’s son. He is around 16 to 17 years he studied not smoothly. When the results came back and he realized he did not perform to his expectation, he went, wrapped himself in a blanket, poured petrol on himself and then went to the bathroom and put himself on fire” the auntie narrated how the kid burnt self.

She continued and informed that, his parents had gone for work and no one was home. It was because if the neighbor that saw a dark smoke coming from the house that rescued him before he burnt completely and he was rushed to clinics, then Kiruddu Hospital.

All the parents were at work and it’s the neighbor and the kids that realized there was a lot of black smoke from the house. The neighbor tried to save him but it was too late. He was rushed to several clinics but they referred them to Kirudu Hospital and that is where they ended.” she continued to reveal.

Nowadays, parenting has become so tricky and hard especially for parents who leave home early morning, and they come back so late. Children are lacking enough parental guide, they are far from their children. Even if the child has a lot on them or is going through a lot, the parents won’t know. because they are not around always.

This kid that burnt himself, must have been going through a certain trauma, or must have had a lot on his head that he could hardly share with anyone. Although his underperformance triggered him to do what he did to himself, but also, if he had someone to share his inner pain with, he would have been saved.

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Doctors told us that, the injuries we see outside are just 5% of the whole injuries. They said that the biggest damage is inside his body, he really needs prayers as we are losing him” the auntie continued to reveal everything about the kid that burnt self.

Also, the pressure parents put on their children as a move to make them perform well at final exams is also too much. A parent will sit the children and tells them that whoever gets below this mark in PLE will be counted out or something.