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Ibanda Municipality MP Rwaburindore Tarsis on Spot for Violating Anthrax Quarantine Regulations

Tarsis Rwaburindore Bishanga Ibanda Municipality

IBANDA: News getting to us from Ibanda Municipality is some how sour as we are reliably informed that, the area Member of Parliament Hon. Tarsis Rwaburindore Bishanga is allegedly leading the area to doom any time.

This comes in a time where Ibanda Municipality and surrounding areas are under an Anthrax disease attack. And there was a quarantine that was enforced in the area by the CAO recently. But this has not meant any business to the defiant MP, Tarsis Rwaburindore Bishanga as he allegedly deliberately violated the quarantine measures.

During this quarantine, no meat is supposed to be traded or eaten until the 30 days elapse. But information coming here indicates that, Tarsis Rwaburindore Bishanga has been conducting meat eating fests at his country home in Bisheshe.

A close source intimated to us that, in the past days, he allegedly invited people to his residence to just slaughter cows for them to eat and drink. On top of that, he recently registered cases on his farm where some of his cows died, and the cause of there death was not established since he never had any veterinary doctor at his farm to do so.

“Our MP Rwaburindore is a selfish man, just because he has to keep bribing his hungry electorates withe eating, he had to feed them on meat in this quarantine. Even after the death of two cows at his farm, he went on and slaughtered for people to enjoy. Instead of protecting them, he instead exposed them to anthrax disease” the source which preferred anonymity quipped.

Another source who actually went to feast said that, it is a usual routine for the MP to have his electorates at home to feast with him. But this time, he did it intentionally to violate the quarantine measures put in place by slaughtering for people cows yet he already had an unsolved death of his cows’ issue on the same farm.

That is how Honorable does it usually, when he is happy, he calls his electorates to his home and slaughters for them. They like meat and free beer that is how he manages them on that. But in this anthrax attack it was wrong, I was there” the revelation went on.

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When we asked why the authorities never apprehended him, we were told it is hard to apprehend him. We would later not establish how possible this could be. Residents and authorities that have known about this issue have decided to keep it to themselves since after all they were offered meat by their arear Member of Parliament.

We are closely digging deeper into this, and we shall get more to you as we establish it.