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Who Leaked Dr. Nataliey Bitature’s Nuide Photos on Social Media?

Nataliey Bitature nuide photos

In late November 2023, news broke on the internet as the daughter to the business magnet, Patrick Bitature, Dr. Nataliey Bitature was exposed. This was in a way of having her private photos being put to the social media by unknown people.

According to social media gossip blogger Ritah Kaggwa, Dr. Nataliey Bitature had her phone hacked and private photos surfaced on TikTok and Facebook. But then, the question still looms, who did this and why was it done to her?

First, who is Dr. Nataliey Bitature?

Born in 1989, She is a Ugandan entrepreneur and executive currently serving as Chief of Staff at The Simba Group. She was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2015 and is the daughter of Dr. Patrick Bitature, one of the richest people in Uganda.

Dr. Ntaliey Bitature nuide photos
Dr. Nataliey and her father Dr. Patrick Bitature (courtesy photo)

Now, after these photos were leaked to the internet, her father Dr. Patrick Bitature made an instant communique on social media. He said that bad actors were playing bad cyber attacks to his family. And he continued to say that he stood by his family no matter what.

The use of such underhanded tactics is deplorable. Considering the illegality of cyber attacks, I have informed the local authorities and intend to take all possible measures within the confines of the law. I would like to affirm my stance by standing with my family” he explained in a November 24, 2023 statement on X.

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According to Patrick’s statement, it is very visible that he knew exactly who attacked Nataliey his daughter. And it is no far from those people he has cases with in court. We hope our guess is as good as yours.

And ever since then, things changed a bit for her.