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Step by Step Guide on How to Use the E-Gates at Entebbe Airport

how to use e-gates at entebbe international airport

Ministry of Internal Affairs (Directorate of Immigration) has approved the use of electronic gates (e-gates) at Entebbe International Airport in bid to ease clearance upon arrival by travelers. Here is a clear step by step guide on how to use the e-gates with your electronic passport.

Step 1. Upon arrival, you need to get your passport in your hands, and get to the e-gate near you. Then touch the screen and get it from sleep mode. It will display where you can place your passport.

Step 2. Place your passport on the screen and scan it while holding it until the machine prompts you to remove it. This process takes roughly a minute and this machine uses technology that detects the chips in your new passport and reads the information there.

Step 3. You will be prompted to identify whether the scanned passport and details displayed on the screen clearly are yours and that they portray you. Then you will have to press YES on the screen to continue.

entebbe international airport e-gates
E-Gates at Entebbe International Airpot

Step 4. You will be prompted to select the flight you used and whether you are returning or not. You will then proceed to look straight into the camera which is above the screen for facial recognition.

You will have to match your facial features with the record in ABC, here you must be cleared by being issued a bar code.

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Step 5. A ticket that contains a bar code will be issued to you that you will use to pass through the e-gates at Entebbe International Airport. These gates open by scanning the barcode on the ticket and you will again be required to look through the camera for a face capture.

From here you will be fully cleared to go on and enter into Uganda, it is that easy. Please note that, these e-gates at Entebbe Airport work only for the electronic passports, which can be referred to as the new ones which are currently being issued at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.