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PLE 2023/2024 RESULTS: Worst Performing Districts Named

Worst performing districts in PLE 2023 2024

Today, while at State Lodge Nakasero, Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) released the PLE results for the year 2023/2024. And it has been found out that, over 600,000 sat for their exams, and here is the list of the worst performing districts in PL3 2023/4.

A total of 648,662 candidates passed in four different grades and of these, only 86582 (11.8%) of candidates passed in Division 1. Then 336507 candidates passed in Div. 2, 156290 in Div. 3 and 69,283 passed in Div. 4. This leaves behind a total of 88269 that failed and were in Division U while 12323 did not sit for the exams.

Overall, the performance of candidates is comparable to that of 2022. Division U (Ungraded) is awarded to candidates who have failed to reach the minimum level of performance that can be awarded at least a Division 4. They are not eligible for admission in Senior 1” Dan Odongo said.

Odongo continued to assert that, the number of candidates with Division U is much higher at 10.4% and it should raise concern so that they do not just add to the statistics of school drop outs.

Now, the UNEB ED Odongo Dan continued to mention the worst performing districts in PLE 2023/2024, these registered the highest number of failures. They include; Kibuku (31.5%), Madi Okollo (31.5%), Dokolo (28.9%), Namisindwa (28.9) and Kween (28.4%).

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This is identified more by the percentage of failure being way above the national average. And many other districts have over 20% of candidates that appeared in Division U. And he said that it is necessary to find out the causes of this and address them.

More to this, it should be known that, Science and Social Studies were the overall best performed subjects contributing 9.8% and 9.4% of the total number of Distinction 2 compared to the 7.8% and 5.3% of Engish and Mathematics respectively.