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Is Earn Global A Scam Or Legit? Here’s The Truth

What is Earn Global? is it a legit business online?

Many online companies promising Internet users quick returns have in the recent past flocked the Internet and among these is Earn Global Company. This is one of the newest and most trending companies online that lures people into signing with it.

According to Earn Global terms and policies one, one earns 25 dollars when they register. They get to earn an extra 25 for each referral they make. Besides when one clicks the link another person has shared, the sharer of the link earns 2 dollars.

On top of that one has to be having an active mode of payment such as PayPal. But according to a certain YouTuber Sabula Ug who has tried this platform, he concluded that it’s a scam. From his own experience, he did all the necessary requirements.

And when got to cash out his accumulated earnings, he was told that the account has to be 3 days old. Since his was just a day old, he waited for the three days. When the three days elapsed, he was again told to wait for a fortnight.

There were also claims from the online company about the need to verify his payment details. In conclusion he said that this this is a scam and people shouldn’t for it. Apparently, we also tried to open up an account and after meeting all the asked basics, the cash out process failed.

Despite the platform having a couple of positive reviews online which of course can be paid for or written by the scammers themselves, others have said that this platform is a scam.

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They have tried all the necessary requirements but the cash out never materializes. Therefore, anybody dealing with this online platform should be wary of the details they give in. These are specially financial and other sensitive information. They might end up in tears.

It should be noted that many scamming and fraudulent companies have sprouted globally in the past. And these always end up scamming people lots of money. A vivid example is BLQ which scammed about Shs 50b from Ugandans two years ago.