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Full List of Uganda Artistes That Have Joined Illuminati 2024

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In Uganda, most celebrities especially musicians, and actors have gone the extra mile to ensure they make hit songs and sell them, and amass wealth for themselves. Some of our most loved celebrities have been recruited into illuminati and devil worship groups so that they see this come true in their lives. Here is the list of Uganda artistes that have joined illuminati of recent.

Illuminati is a secret society whose members include Politicians, Religious leaders, businessmen, musicians, athletes and many more. These members are rich and wealthy, have connections all over the world and are very famous. And at first, it was said to be a conspiracy theory, until of recent when it was proved that it really exists and many people get wealthy and famous from it.

Ugandan artistes who have been recruited in illuminati in of recent include these five, and they go as follows;

The first person is a popular musician who has been here for some good years. He does hit songs every year and has his family living one of the most luxurious styles. He stages one man show and they sell out and his eyes are said to be looking like those of a popular lizard.

He is known for making different sacrfices especially when he has shows. More on this, he has been seen several times flashing the ‘horn of the devil’ sign in most of his videos. As if that is not enough, he has recruited many artistes who have yearned to be famous and deliver hit songs like him.

The second Ugandan celebrity who joined the list of illuminati devil worshipper is a self styled president of a famous group. He started singing back in 2000 and he has been doing hit songs up to now. He has done several humanitarian activities, and owns a beach somewhere.

He has been seen on several occasions showing off illuminati signs and is known for starting a political group that has led to the death of many people through sacrifice. More so, he is rumored to be pushing a secret agenda in one of his latest projects that will see many people recruited in the illuminati.

He has many tattoos on his body that have satanic symbols, and his wife was recently spotted putting on one of the necklaces that have a snake symbol. The singer is also an international figure who attracts international media’s attention through various things.

The third in the Uganda artistes that have joined illuminati is a lady who is famous for her hit songs every year and has been here for long enough. She is a brand ambassador of various big brands, and she uses that spot to recruit more Uganda celebrities into illuminati.

She is known to have a visible tattoo on her hand that has a huge ‘eye of the devil’ and she is proud to flash it occasionally for people to see it. She recently changed her management and owns a lot of businesses which some she doesn’t mention them on air.

This celebrity also does one man shows, she is most of time colliding with her fellow artistes and she refused to get married. Rumor has it that, the devil worshiping stopped her from getting married and she has one secret child. She uses her influence to recruit others in the illuminati.

The fourth spot is taken by two musicians who were signing together until when they were separated from their manager who made them famous. They were recruited at a time when one of their fellow musicians in their crew was about to turn to Jesus.

One of them died and his death was a result of him trying to turn to Gid by singing gospel music and creating a music label that had names of Angels. The remaining singer of that famous singing duo has ever since struggled to revive the music career in vain.

Word has it that, the sacrifices are no longer being accepted since the dead part of the duo was the one who knew how to play things. The group name stands still and more recruitments are still being done.

Lastly, another on the list of Uganda celebrities that have joined illuminati is a famous singer who rose to fame in the past year. His is knows for having tattoos that are scarry and he is too arrogant.

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He has on several occasions threatened to quit music and join politics, another sign that his powers are not regular. People love him and can be willing to die fir him, he now commands a certain group labelled as ‘ghetto’ and he uses under age kids while performing.

He has collided with most music and show promoters, journalists, media houses and more. But surprisingly, he can not flop musically and he has mentioned it several times in his songs that he sacrifced a lot of things to be where he is.

Even on various television interviews, he mentions it that people don’t know what he has sacrifced to be where he is musically. And in the recent days, he has ‘organised’ several shows as he postpones them, while keeping fans in total confusion.

That was the whole list of Uganda artiste (celebrities) that have joined illuminati and the list keeps getting bigger every day. More in the next update we shall bring you the pastors that have joined illuminati to fish souls.

We shall keep you posted, keep it Zivuga Uganda.