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BREAKING: Tear Gas, Bullets at Nasser Road Riot, Here is Why

Riot at Nasser road demonstration

There is a growing and out of control riot at Nasser road that emanated at Printers Arcade. This has seen police officers and military police deployed to put the situation back to normal, but it is still hard for the joint security forces as of now.

This due to a huge number of people that operate at Nasser road storming the street and demonstrations are still on. The reason for this riot is because the owners of Printers Arcade decided to abruptly increase rent by almost twofold without prior notice.

News coming from Nasser road indicates that, there is a heavy use of tear gas, rubber bullets and rioters are being beaten too. According to a video footage we just received, Military police is seen everywhere busy chasing people as Police Force is also helping in calming the riot at Nasser road.


Currently, riots in the city center have been controlled for a while especially those that are triggered by political agendas. This time round, it was an emergency since the riot at Nasser road wasn’t pre announced or organized.

Riot at Nasser road demonstration
Military and Police at Nasser road

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Hopefully, the situation will be back to normal at the closure of business today.