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My Father is not a Hypocrite- Che Otafiire Defends Father

Kahinda Otafiire's son, Che Otafiire says his father is not a hypocrate

Che Otafiire the son of Gen Kahinda Otafiire has come out to defend his father saying that he’s not a hypocrite. Che Otafiire was backing up the remarks of President Museveni about his fellow former bush war hero.

While speaking in a press conference, president Museveni expressed his adoration of former US president, Donald Trump for being very honest and calling a spade. Additionally, the President said that it seems Gen. Kahinda Otafiire and Trump are related.

This is because even the former MP doesn’t sugarcoat things. He’s brutally honest and calls a spade a spade, not a big spoon. And according to Che Otafiire, his father doesn’t tolerate any form of bogus tendencies.

If he doesn’t like you or anything, he will let you know without holding back. Just like most African parents, Che said that it’s almost impossible to get a compliment from his father. He pointed out one instance when his father gave him a letter appreciating him instead of verbally telling him.

“Gen.¬†Kahinda is not a hypocrite, if you are bogus, he will let you know. My siblings and I have been on the receiving end since childhood. It is almost impossible to get a compliment from him. He once congratulated me in writing, handed me the letter, and walked away. I gave up.” He posted.

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Well, many people on social media jostled to give their opinions and experiences with the Minister of Internal Affairs. Author Kakwenza Rukira recalled his encounter twelve years ago on a plane with the retired General. Otafiire asked Kakwenza if he knew him and the author feigned not knowing him to which Otafiire called him a fool.

Besides, Otafiire has not shied away from telling Museveni that a dynasty won’t be tolerated in Uganda. Therefore, his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will have to contest for the country’s leadership democratically and not monarchically.