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Man Exposes Wife on Social Media – Says she Loiters in Lodges

Patrick Ocwo Gusiola and Athieno Rose

Wonders shall never seize, and it seems 2024 has started to refuse according to what is happening already. Well, this piece is about a man called Patrick Ochwo Gusiola who appeared on social media exposing his lovely wife called Athieno Rose.

While in a social media rant, Patrick Ochwo Gusiola informed the public that the woman in the photo (Athieno Rose) he posted was no longer his wife effective 1st January 2024 and he stated reasons why.

The woman in this saga is a teacher by profession teaching at Rock High School in Tororo. Further more, she is a mother of three and she is aged 55 years.

In his post, Patrick Ochwo Gusiola revealed that his wife  Athieno Rose eloped and left her home without notifying him. Again, he alleged that his wife Rose is a frequent visitor of lodges and hotels in Tororo town.

This is to inform the general public that, the woman appearing below is no longer my spouse. She is called Athieno Rose, a teacher at Rock High School in Tororo. She is a mother of three, aged 55 and she eloped from home” Patrick started his post. He added that she is always in lodges.

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She is frequently seen loitering in and out of Tororo lodges and her chapter in my home is permanently closed with effect from midnight last night. Whoever reads this and knows this woman convey her” he concluded his rant.

This kind of break is very rare in the world we live in, and we are wondering why he decided to end it on social media than waiting for her to leave the lodges and he terminates the marriage in her face.