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Catholic Church Declines to Pray for Sobbi at Burial – Here is Why

Sobbi funeral as church refuse to pray for him

Notorious Kampala criminal Paddy Sserunjonji alias Sobbi still faced drama even after his death. Despite his family and neighbors praising him for being a ‘nice’ person we all don’t know, the Catholic church has refused to hold a funeral mass and pray for him.

It is being reported that, Sobbi’s family had requested the Catholic church of Bukunda in Masaka (where he was laid to rest) to hold the funeral mass and the other church segments.

But it seems the church declined the request saying that however much Sobbi was showing his return to God, this was not satisfying regarding the ‘bad’ image he had in the public. And more reasons were given to the family that they kept as top secret.

This sparked a heated rage Sobbi’s relatives saying that it is true he had a bitter and rough past of being a criminal. But he had changed and served the country in all capacities he could. So the family saw this as a bad gesture from the church.

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Further more, Sobbi’s funeral service attracted a hundreds of people, who most of them confessed not to have gone because they were feeling the pain of his death. Most of them were there to witness the notorious man who came out on television and shared the atrocities he committed without any empathy.

More so, it should be noted and remembered that Sobbi died on the 18th of December 2023 after a botched land eviction in Maddu, Gomba district. This land eviction was following a land wrangle that had spent some time between a one Kaliisa and the family of the late Paul Kiibi.

What is your take on the Catholic church refusing to hold a funeral mass for Sobbi? Do you think the church just judged him or it feared to taint it’s image in public? Your views are highly appreciated.