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WATCH VIDEO: Mc Chumi Defends her Leaked Private Video

Mc Chumi Uncle Chumi released bedroom video, she speaks about it

TikTok sensation and one of the most loved TikTokers in Uganda, Uncle Chumi aka Mc Chumi has come out to defend herself on the leaked bedroom video that is making massive rounds on social media.

Yesterday evening is the time the Mc Chumi bedroom video was put to the internet, and it got Ugandans speaking in tongues after seeing her massive ‘V’ and they concluded that she is perfectly fine.

While in a TikTok live hosted by comedian Kabaata, Mc Chumi said that that was just a video shoot of Lil Pazo’s Enkudi song. She moved on to say that however much she did not ‘visit senga’, but she has it all.

“That was Enkudi video shoot please, but good thing i am self contained, you saw how he was sliding in well, leaving nothing to imagine. For the ssenga issue, i will go later on but for now, am still on top of my game” she bragged.


Meanwhile, it is currently a new normal amongst TikTok celebrities to release those videos so that they attract attention and grow their accounts by getting new followers after they make news.

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And it should be known that, this is not the first time Mc Chumi attracts the internet as she announced herself dead and the whole internet got mad about it. It was later on found out that she was still alive and wanted to get new followers.