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Speaker Anita Among Woes Pile as the UAE Sanctions Her Too

Anita Among gets sanctioned by UAE

Anita Among, the Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, seems to be facing a very difficult time. The legislator has now been sanctioned by the United Arab Emirates a week after being sanctioned by the UK.

Information has it that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has responded to the sanctions placed on Ms. Among, former Ministers Agnes Nandutu and Mary Goretti Kitutu.

The Middle East country did this by directing all financial institutions operating on its territory to have no business with the three Ugandans.

Additionally, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates has warned all financial institutions in the Arab country to block any transactions originating from Anita Among, Nandutu, or Kitutu.

All this comes a few days after the three were sanctioned and had their assets frozen in the UK. The UAE is now saying that if any of the three were to enter the nation, immigration officials should raise red lights.

Furthermore, the UAE central bank ordered that any properties owned by the three be placed under lockdown until further notice.

After learning from reliable sources that the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates has already informed all licensed financial institutions operating in the country about the targeted financial sanctions, this website tried to reach all concerned parties.

But there was no official release by the time of publication. According to sources, the UAE Central Bank only applies these kinds of specific financial sanctions which target specific people or organizations after a cabinet decision within the country.

The bank gives orders to all financial institutions with licenses to fully comply with the requirement to put all essential measures into place right away. Therefore, this has already been put into effect.

“All licensed financial institutions must screen databases and transactions against the lists of sanctioned persons,” the Emirates Central Bank says.

“When a “confirmed” or a “potential” match is found through the screening process, the institution must immediately, without delay and without prior notice, freeze or suspend all funds or transactions.”

Additionally, within five business days after a “confirmed” or “potential” match, the institutions must notify the match and the action taken.

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It should be noted that Anita Among and the two former MPs were implicated in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal. This is where the sanctions originate from.

The Speaker however has faulted the passing of the anti-homosexuality law as the source of all this trouble.