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NUP in Masaka Merges with Muhoozi’s PLU to Create one Office

NUP councilors in Masaka merge office with PLU of Muhoozi Kainerugaba

It has been a joyous moment after National Unity Platform’s (NUP) 8 Councilors led by a one Kateregga Ali agreed to merge with Muhoozi’s PLU to form one office. This happened in Kijjabwe Masaka and as you read this, the NUP office that side has two flags inside, that of NUP and PLU.

Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) was formed from the MK Movement that was started in April 2022 by a group of Ugandans that rallied around Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and gave him confidence that he can go political and win the presidential seat. These Ugandans include Frank Gashumba and Balaam Barugahara among others.

This deal of merging offices and become one office was orchestrated by Kateregga Ali who managed to convince his fellow councilors to allow the PLU group led by Balaam Barugahara and Frank Gashumba bring in their group inside the rivals of Muhoozi’s father, the president.

While signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Balaam said that he has never seen this to have tow rival groups form one office. But of course he showed the public that it is possible. And he moved on to ask all Ugandans to join PLU because it has ‘better’ plans for Uganda’s future.

“In the office of NUP, Kijjabwe Masaka, i have never seen this opportunity and i thank all councilors that made this happen. For you our voters who are still fighting out there these NUP councilors have agreed to work with is in PLU and i thank Ali, our flag will be here in the office of NUP, let us work together” Balaam chirped.

Councilors had to say something and of course the leader Kateregga Ali is the one that confirmed that this is a partnership of having two parties operating from the same office. Additionally, he made it clear that PLU has the 6 core values that he saw they will take Uganda forward if Muhoozi takes power.

From today onwards, this office will be for NUP and PLU, and PLU is a group that collectively accommodates all parties let us stop the bad thinking of Ugandans that suggests that if I am supporting NUP and i go closer to Balaam i will have changed parties” Ali started his speech.

NUP councilors in Masaka merge office with PLU of Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Balaam Barugahara signing the MoU in NUP office

“We are here councilors of NUP and we bought the six core values of PLU and when you take a keen analysis, they are the only ones that will take Uganda forward. I tell you, Uganda will not be the same again, let us work for a Uganda that is for us all” Kateregga Ali continued to defend his move.

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We have not yet established what the NUP president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu will say about this, but of course this move is a nail that has been hit to him in the head by PLU. This is also bringing confusion amongst NUP supporters in Masaka since a partnership means there are collective goals in place.

It should more so be noted that, National Unity Platform is currently facing huddles especially from the top leadership where the party is fighting with Mathias Mpuuga over the Service Appreciation money he received from parliament when he was just 4 months in office as the Leader of Opposition.