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Mudra Shines in Biddi Bidi Brand New Song 2024 Feat. Deejay LL

Biddi Bidi by Mudra De Viral feat. Deejay LL

Dancehall singer Mudra de Viral, has appeared in a yet-to-be banger of the time called Biddi Bidi. This is his latest song 2024 after his Broko sound he did with Ghetto Kids Uganda.

Biddi Bidi is a dancehall song that tells the hustles of a ghetto child who wakes up in the morning and starts his day by asking for a kakomando (delicacy of chapati mixed with beans). The same song tells how those that have enough money on the eat big and well than the kakomando.

He tells it all when he says that one has to use their all energy (biddi) in order to acquire what they want in lives. Be it getting a nice woman, eating life and then, to get money you need to give it your all.

The song Biddi bidi is a great piece that will remind those that were never born with silver spoons in their mouths to go for greater heights. Ever since Mudra de Viral surfaced on the music industry, he has not looked back.

He has released more than 20 hit singles and he is still dropping those tunes. Biddi Bidi is produced by a one Artin Pro who is also among the top 3 audio producers in Uganda currently. The song features Deejay LL who gave it a massive background vibe.

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